Nudging slowly towards Asia [25th September, North Pacific Ocean (Two full weeks until Busan, Korea)]

I have yet to enjoy anything by Nietzsche
The sun wasn’t up when I awoke. I passed another morning of reading (about an hour) before another bacon and egg breakfast, by which time the sun had come up. We again went up to the bridge after breakfast to look over the maps and have some idea of where in the world we were (still traveling north by northwest, and the bridge confirmed that if you take the Earth’s circumference into calculation we are actually taking the shortest route). After a few minute’s fresh air (sunny, cooler than yesterday, but significantly less windy), I headed back to my cabin and read till noon (a chapter of Plato in the Googleplex, 70 more pages of Gone Girl). Fried red snapper for lunch. The captain was taking his meal as I arrived to the mess, and he explained to me the German term ‘Mein side’, translating to ‘lunchtime’ which is said whenever anyone enters or exits the mess during the meal. Afterwards I passed an hour watching TV with one of the other passengers afterwards.  More reading (finished The Genealogy of Morals, more Gone Girl) before taking a stroll to the ship’s bow and back. Some writing before dinner (Spätzle, boiled beef and carrot salad), then a walk to the aft afterwards. Watched some TV with the passengers till tired. Finished Gone Girl before bed.


Another day through the grind.
Finished this too. Didn’t like it as much as the

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