Nudging slowly towards Asia [24th September, Middle of Nowhere (15 days till Busan, Korea)]

The Canadian coast.
I woke up early and stayed in bed reading Gone Girl. A few minutes before breakfast I got up and went outside to find that it was sunny, warm, but incredibly windy. I went down to have breakfast at 7am. Afterwards, Stevan invited me up to the bridge with him to look over the charts and get a better idea of where we were and what our trajectory would be. When I got back to my cabin I found a crew list at my door. Including the officers, there are twenty-one people working on this ship. Four are German, one is Portuguese, and rest are from the Philippines.  I finished the morning off with more reading.


After lunch I took a stroll to the bow of the ship with Stevan and Jane. It was warm
My provisions for the trip arrived that day.

enough, but the wind was a killer, and I didn’t want to stay out there too long. I finished the Maxims of La Rouchefoucauld in the afternoon. Dinner was quiet, and afterwards we passengers met first in the gymnasium  for some table tennis, then in the officer’s rec room for a game of Settlers of Catan, which Stevan and Jane brought with them. The game took hours to play, and by the time we were through we were all ready for bed. Before I turned in I recalled that I needed to set my clock back one hour for the time zone change. It was not yet 9pm with the change.


A picture of a book I finished reading. This will
become a thing I do.
The ping pong table.

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