Nudging slowly towards Asia [21st September, Seattle (18 days till Busan, Korea)]

Seattle as the ship was leaving.
This was the first morning I awoke on the Hanjin Geneva, though the ship was still at the port when I awoke. I would have had enough time in the morning to go on shore and walk around a bit, but I lacked the inclination. I mostly wanted to get the journey started. I tethered my phone to my laptop and did a few last minute internet things in the morning and early afternoon. The ship disembarked around noon, and I took some pretty nice shots of the coast as we sailed by.


The other passengers were not boarding till Vancouver, so I spent the day alone, familiarizing myself with my little section of the ship. During the meals I ate in solitude, the ship’s German officers giving me a bit of distance for reasons I would later discover were mostly
A harbor north of Seattle.

timidity. I dozed off well before we reached Vancouver (around midnight).


Another ship in Seattle as we were leaving.


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