Apparently Greece can no longer purchase anything from out of their country, which means a ban on most online purchases.  Read more about it here.
Well, that was shameless.
From what I can tell the fires of reddit still simmer, but other sites have yet to pick up the dropped ball.  Voat.co has been down for about two days now, with no sign of them getting their shit together any time soon.  Which is kinda sad, I guess.  Someone should pick up the pieces from the crumbling empire of reddit.
We shall see.
IN other news, my integrity as a blogger continues to inflate as perfectly reasonably blogs continue to churn out shit articles.  Some weeks ago HackRead had a story about a divorced German man who sawed all his possessions in half so as to fairly give half of everything to his wife (the sound you just heard there was from MRAs and MGTOWs cumming in their pants).  More recently TechWorm put out this bit of clilckbait nonsense.
Maybe I should interview my local insane homeless person to get his perspective on a few things.

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