Digital riot edition

Nobody today seems to be noticing the Baltimore Reddit riots going on.  Someone got unfairly shitcanned, and the internet lost its mind.  Apparently, the person who got shitcanned was the person who ran the AMA, reddit’s most popular series of posts.
People are reacting appropriately by shutting the site down.  Others are reacting inappropriately, albeit wonderfully.

In other news, someone put Greece on sale on ebay’s Italian site.  The entry is was hilarious (looks like someone took it down.  It’s pretty disgusting how long it takes for me to get these posts up).  Screengrabs to the rescue!

For those here who cannot read Italian, let me do some translating, ’cause there is some excellent material here.  This is from the description

l’oggetto ha una storia millenaria

Conditon: Used. “Item has a millennial [sic: rich] history”

Prezzo onesto, si parte da un euro. Chi di aggiudica l’asta dovrà pagare solo 1,6 miliardi a FMI E 
rimborsare circa 330 miliardi di euro di debito pubblico. Ma , una volta disbrigate queste inezie 
burocratiche, potrà contare su sole, mare, buon pesce, feta, sirtaki tutti i week end, e, quando 
sarà stanco, a 52 anni potrà richiedere la pensione. (Offerta non comprensiva del porto del Pireo)

Honest price, starting at one Euro.  Whomever wins the auction will only need to pay 1.6 million to the IMF and repay approximately 330 million Euro in public debt.  However, once beyond these bureaucratic trifles, you can count on sun, sea, good fish, feta, sirtaki ever weekend, and when you are tired, at 52 you can retire.  (Offer not valid in the Port of Piraeus)

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