A friend has me house/dog sitting while she and her boyfriend vacation it up in Turkey.  Tho dog in question is a beautiful and friendly Black Lab named Molly, whose standard expression is one that even looks like a smile.  And this was one of my friend’s selling points when I took the job; Molly, I was told, was a chick magnet.  This seemed pretty obviously true.  And from the way Molly celebrated and carried-on when ever I came to the house, I just assumed she would be that friendly and happy to see just about anyone.
For the most part I was right.  You should see the greeting the door-person gets when Molly sees her.  Her tail wags violently, she leaps up and down for joy, she licks the air, she pulls like a linebacker on her leash. It is something to behold.
So of course I looked forward to little more than exploiting this for my own gain.  I have been walking her up and down street-lined 14th st for more than a week, and due to timing and circumstances I haven’t encountered to many people.  But last night, being a Friday, I decided to walk her late, with the express purpose of seeing how well my magnet worked.  Well, nothing came of it at first, until waiting outside an over-priced pizzeria I saw a very attractive young woman, who saw Molly coming a block off.  By the time I was in spitting distance the young woman was already squatting down, hand extended out palm upward, and happily shouting ‘Hi puppy!’
And Molly walked right by her, like she wasn’t even there.
The fuck.
I stopped for a moment, felt the need to apologize, thought better about it, and walked off.

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