I wrote another thing…

I wrote another thing for TechRaptor
(This time with a link) http://techraptor.net/content/federal-court-prohibits-woman-from-using-bittorrent
And this one makes me sad.  Being a terrible pirate myself, I always hate to see one of my own brought down by the man.  Even if this is a story of leniency, I ultimately feel like this same leniency will never be handed to me if my day in court were to come.  I just don’t have that kind of luck.  And its odd as well because Dallas Buyers Club was a movie I actually payed to see, mostly because it was actually good.
The lesson here?  Put up some walls (VPN) and be ready for the worse.  Or maybe I should just move to a country where I don’t have to worry about such things because they aren’t bending to media corporations.
Either one would be ok with me.

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