I knew I forgot something

I wrote a thing for TechRaptor
A story that is generating loads of comments (yea, more than 20 is loads for me), I guess because people everywhere really fucking hate Lizard Squad.  The hate is well deserved, and considering that the demographic of TechRaptor is mostly gonna be gamers, it is likely a group of people still made from when they took down PSN and xbox live last Christmas.   Either way, its just the kind of thing that is up my alley; notably something lolzy.  The story makes me happy, mostly cause I hope they jail that kid for life.  While researching it I more than a few times thought that the kid was really out of his head to take his ‘pranks’ as far as he did.
Teal dear; that kid was a scumbag.

Anyway, I haven’t been writing too much.  I haven’t had it in me.  My classes demoralized me, and some kind of depression followed it.  Add to that the summer rolling in and the humidity following it and I have not wanted to do anything at all.  I will snap out of it soon.  I hope.  We shall see what tomorrow brings.

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