Not a bug, a feature!

Cyanogenmod updated my phone the other day, and I finally got Android Lollipop on my OnePlus One.  It came as an inconvenience, as such things always do; I was in a hurry when it started updating, and it made me a little late.  I then spent a night at the bar setting up all my preferences again.
So how is Lollipop?  Meh, mostly the same, just with flashier graphics.  Some bugs I had with KitKat seemed to be resolved.
Also, I seem to have become a developer all of sudden, which will suck when something crashes on me that I feel needs to be reported.
Here’s the best part: there seems to be some kind of error occurring when my phone connects to my car via bluetooth.  All the audio seems to come out sped up.  This makes music extremely irritating to listen to, but it may work great for all my audio books!  Sure, everyone sounds a shot of helium away from being the Chipmunk’s Christmas special, but if it shaves off an hour or two from an audiobook, i’ll take it.
Well, I would, but I’ve never been so lucky.  The problem is that the audio also pauses randomly for 2 seconds, at approximately ~19 second intervals.  And that is too annoying to put up with.  And it probably kills whatever time I gain.
The problem can be solved, but the solution wont stick, and the problem reoccurs every time I turn the car on again.  TO get it to play at a normal speed, I have to go into the Bluetooth settings on my phone and disable connecting it as a media device, then enabling it again.  It’s inconvenient, but for now it will work.

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