I caught the midnight showing of Age of Ultron last night.  By way of answering how it was, let me say that I am a chronic early-riser.  I will wake up between 5 and 8 regardless of what has gone on the night before (and yes, it is pure humblebragging when someone says “I slept in this morning, I got up at noon” and I reply with ‘me too, I woke up at 8’).  The consequence of this is that whatever keeps me up past midnight has to be of truly superb quality, otherwise I will simply fall asleep, as I have done many times before.
I not only stayed up for all of Age of Ultron, but about an hour discussion with a friend there after.  And that is about as good a review as I can give.
That being said, it had some flaws.  Ultron as a character was a bit off, mostly because something about his was, in the direction of being a bit too human.  Awkward laughs, awkward jokes, mumbles, fumbles and excuses.  He did not seem to have that cold calculating facade that we would expect from a machine.
All things considered, I think Ex Machina was a better movie.  And by comparison, there is the end scene in Ex Machina where Ava attacks Nathan, traps Caleb, and then just walks away.  That is the kind of cold hearted actions I was expecting from Ultron.  But maybe I am just nitpicking.  The movie was good.

In other news, I went and got my syllabus and text book for the classes I will be teaching.  I am going to need to write loads about it.  May start another blog.
And I shall call that blog Staggering towards CELTAland.  http://celataland.blogspot.com/

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