I had a job interview today.
How did it go?  I have no idea.  Interviews have always been rather problematic for me, and this one was as well.  I’ve been on both sides of the interviewing fence, so one would imagine I would be used to it by now, but for some reason I never am, no matter what chair I happen to be sitting in.
I don’t prepare for interviews.  I used to, but I found that I did worse at them when I had, so I dropped the habit.  But normally there is a nervousness about me every moment till I get there, several during, and a looming feel of regret once the whole ordeal has passed.  This time it was slightly different.
I got to the job, sat down after a barrage of friendly handshakes, and thought to myself “Oh shit, this is a job interview”.  And then I promptly forgot about it till the interview ended.  Except for a few things, I felt pretty good about it.  This too is odd, because normally I walk out of interview momentarily turned into Sarah Palin and complaining about ‘gotcha!’ questions.
I felt kind of good about it today.
As for jobs abroad, I got letters of rejection from Viero Tblisisi and Riga, leaving Queretero and Braga left.  Both would be fantastic so, lets just hope one of them takes me.

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