Thoughts on awful writing

A particularly boring day at work gave me a pretty good opportunity to get caught up on some reading. I managed to go through the rather nice Fragments of Heraclitus.  But on a recommendation I no longer recall, I also attempted to read Orange Eats Creeps by Grace Krilanovich.  If I recall correctly, I at some point looked up notable works in the surrealist genre and this came up.  Unfortunately the writing was so absolutely awful that I could not go very far into it.  It was just so very dull, and painful.  To give you an idea:

What would happen if you harnessed the sexual energy of hobo junkie teens?

I dunno.  Probably nothing, because sexual energy can’t in any way be harnessed.  But I gather what you are going for with this little line, and I will leave that point alone.  But I am curious, must it be precisely hobo junkie teens that we extra this energy from?  Would this energy differ in any way if it was simply a teen that was traveling around without a home, but hadn’t quite gotten on the H train yet?  Or what if the energy was coming from a teen with a good home and doting parents, but just couldn’t get off the good old China White.  Or what if we have a hobo junkie, but he’s gone on in years, is getting a little more mature, has started think about his homeless and addicted future?  What I am asking, I guess,, is which of there three words strung together is relevant, or are they all just word count fluffer?
One more, just for the fun of it.

I’m only severeness.  That means I grew up in foster care and I’m really fucked up because I don’t know right from wrong.

Is that so?  I was seventeen once too, so I guess that means that I too, at least for that year, grew up in foster care and was then really fucked up, therefor didn’t know right from wrong.  I’ll have to double check with my parents, I recall something about them being there ’round that time.  But come to think of it, I got some friends, and they too were once seventeen, but none of the rest of that shit seems to apply.  Some of them, as it were, didn’t know right from wrong despite having normal parents.  It’s almost like this line is utter nonsense.
Jokes aside, it was rather trite.

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