Another day. Sigh.

And today I went back to waiting tables.  My boss told me for reasons unknown that he really needed someone to come in today, and nice man that I am I agreed.  I got in on time and found myself the only one there for about a half an hour, at which point my two colleagues finally came in.  I become concerned when I saw that we were three on.  This concern manifested into a terrible reality rather quickly, as few customers even bothered to come in, and those that did had to be divided by three.  I made about 15$, and worked four and a half hours, earning me about 3$ per hour.  This is Virginia, so no, I will not be getting minimum wage.
Sigh.  But what made the day particularly bad is how utterly unremarkable it was, in every respect.  I don’t think I even remember any of the customers I had.

In other news, the resumes are finished, and the cover letter is drafted, so I will likely start mailing jobs.   Hopefully someone will bite.  Preferably soon, so that I can start planning getting the fuck out of the horrible DCMA.
I still haven’t heard a thing from the school I used to work for, and I am starting to become a bit concerned about that as well.  

And then I realize that I completly for got to do my taxes this year.  Well, shit.

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