I got my CELTA

Last week I completed my last teaching practice and completed my CELTA course.  I am now CELTA certified.
I would be more enthusiastic, but frankly there is still work to be done.
Now the time has come to buckle down and look for a better job.   Which is in some ways the bigger task; my CV needs to be updated (if not entirely redone), but considering that I need different ones depending on the job and or country I apply to, this can take a very long time.
And then there are the cover letters to do.
Well, cover letter really.  I’ll make one and paper the internet with the damn thing.  Does anyone read them anyway.
I’ll get moving on it eventually
I should also keep a blog up about my classes.  Namely, a place where I can put my class self reflections.  This would not be too difficult to do, but my last boss has yet to get back to me about if I will be working back at his school in the coming months.  I this doesn’t go well, then maybe I won’t even remember my CELTA training when I get back to work.

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