Art break

photo by Allaire Bartel
This isn’t the kind of topic I want to spend much time talking about, but art like this
give me pause.  (I refuse to give BoingBoing the traffic, ergo Archive)
The more I look at it, the more I like it.  But not for the reason feminists would hope.  Death of the Author and such, I am free to interrupt these however I like.  And I look at them and very much see the opposite of what the author would like us to.
For me, these pictures do much to show just how far gone feminist madness has become.  There is no real oppression in these pictures.  It is just women in isolation, feeling oppressed just as the schizophrenia kicks in.  The oppression, it would seem, is entirely mental and of these women’s own creation.  Alone in your kitchen at night?  Men are oppressing you I’m sure.
I do like these photographs, because they show just how badly modern feminists are treating society. The evil of men, apparently, is everywhere.  Even when you are all alone in the kitchen making breakfast.

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