A jab at the Estonians

My ‘alma mater’ (though I can’t say I’ve ever been tickled by that term) is in Tartu, Estonia, and for that reason the country, warts and all, remains close to my heart.  it was not a perfect place, and I doubt I would have told you I was happy there had you asked me at the time, but looking back, I think I can say I was reasonably happy there.
Whenever I encounter Estonia or Estonians anywhere in my daily grind, I get a little kick of joy.
This, from my morning’s reading, gave me a nice little chuckle:

But languages are not like paintings.  They do not develop via people applying their ingenuity or being creative.  Languages develop via step-by-step driftings that operate below the level of consciousness, and this is not an opinion, but a fact, fundamental, to any introductory class on language change.  How else, after all, did Estonian end up with fourteen cases?
[Here the author lists the fourteen Estonian cases, using the word book [raamat] to exemplify the declensions]
On top of that, Estonian is one of those langauge where irregularity is practically the rule.  Does anyone plan such things?  If this is creativity, I’m not sure we’re giving Estonians a complement.

From The Language Hoax: Why the World Looks the Same in Any Language by John H. McWhorter.

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