The myth of sisyphus

I worked today.  I thankfully only did seven hours (as opposed to 12), but still, it wears you out.
Restaurant work of all kind reminds me of the myth of Sisyphus.  Not Camus’, which is loaded with some optimism I simply cannot follow, but the actual Myth proper.
The Greeks came up with the perfect punishment with this one.  Not only is the task impossible, trying, and demoralizing, it is also monotonous.  I always figured that any tortured administered in Christian hell would probably have a degree of excitement to it.  After all, it isn’t every day that you are slowly sawed in half by demons.  If nothing else, you get some novelty in your torture. IN comparison the Greek myth seems worse; I imagine that by the end of the first week Sisyphus is most likely out of his mind with boredom, and very likely sick of seeing the damn stone.
Restaurant work is that kind of terrible, everyday you go in there knowing full well that there is a massive stone to push up a hill, and that tomorrow morning you are going to walk in to find all the same problems there waiting for you, as if you had accomplished nothing the day before.
The saving grace to the work is that everyday blesses you with a brand new stone, so at least it is something new to think about every time you do it.
I guess I find that uplifting, if nothing else I get a new stone to push.  Maybe I will learn something about stones.
Today I kept my head down and got the day out as quickly as possible with a nice strong grind.  No stone worth mentioning.
Last week the restaurant was dead, so much so that by 6pm I was doing my clean up work, simply out of boredom.    I pointed this out to the manager; “I’m doing my side work, just to prove how superfluous my being here is”.
Apparently, using the word superfluous was a problem.  I got lampooned for a good long time for daring to use ‘SAT words’ in every day speech.  This was after, maybe three weeks ago, they had began lampooning me for using ‘much obliged’ as opposed to ‘thank you’.
My colleagues apparently have problems with adult words.

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