Bullshit day, snowed in…

It has been snowing since I woke up, and it has yet to stop.  I am carefully trying to avoid cabin fever, but at this point I am wondering if it is even possible.  I am tempted to stroll around the apartment complex simply for the point of strolling around.  I would be curious if I could get to 10,000 steps with one round through every floor (before you ask, it’s a MiBand.  I am far too cheap to buy anything serious).  But at this point I have ordered a pizza and I will likely remain lazy for the rest of the day.

I managed to write two articles for TechRaptor, and maybe I will try to write another before the day is through.  Or I may watch a movie.  I am up for either.
I wrote something about the EFF’s rejection of the latest incarnation of the terrible cyber-security law, known as CISA.  It’s a fluff piece, and its mostly quotes.

I also wrote about how Apple folded to China’s new rather stringent regulation regarding how much access they need to various aspects of certain technologies property (wanting source codes, wanting back doors, etc).  It’s actually freighting, but I think it is something we will ultimately have to accept.  Even if we put up all the laws possible to prevent, I think many government will simply learn to do it without asking.  Also, I have a bad feeling that companies will ultimately fold to governments.   We may all just have to learn to live a little off the grid.
Or perhaps not.  I have been reading Luciano Floridi’s The Fourth Revolution, and he made some interesting points regarding governance.  I may save my opinion of that for when I finish the book itself.

But I should return to talking about my day.  Or something.
I spent the day watching for too many videos on youtube.  I suffer from a bit of guilt regarding this, which I mitigate by trying to convince myself that what I watch is somehow a little more worthy than much of the other content on youtube.
This is basically a colossal lie that I tell myself everyday.  I have developed an addiction of sorts to all the scientific and educational content youtube has to offer.  I figured if I only take in 1% of what I watch, it is still some kind of win.
I’ve been watching DNews for about a year now, despite finding pretty much all the presenters they have, past and present, to be rather apathetic.  I get by because, well, science is interesting.  Science make my life bearable.
But the people who make DNews (Im pretty sure it’s the Discovery Channel, but I’m not really going to research anything for this blog) have now made another youtube channel called Seeker, which is supposed to have a more humanities approach to content.
In the spirit of a cabin-fever induced Carpe Diem, I subscribed immediately.
I like the humanities.  Hell, my degrees are in the humanities.  Both of them.  But for some damn reason, anything dealing with the humanities seems to come off as so damn depressing when you try to put it to a medium like youtube.
Watch most DNews videos.  They are all optimistic, or at the very least, up beat.  Even the introduction tune has more spike in its step then what they gave the new channel.
I wonder if it is arbitrary or not.
But just look at the titles of the videos Seeker has so far released, and you find nothing but gripes.  They seem to have nothing positive to say.  They also argued for the benefits of censorship, which of course makes me want to say ‘you first.’
But from my love of the humanities, I am starting to wonder about something.  What if there is a coming culture war that is going to take sides based on science vs the humanities?  I know full fell what side I will find myself on, and that is the sad thing.  I don’t think the humanities stands a chance; they have all the demands and none of the means or methods to ever get anything done.
Blah.  Ramble over.
Where’s my fucking pizza?

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