Insufficiently Busy

One of my jobs has temporarily terminated, and thus I find myself with an abundance a free time.  I have decided to pound out a few articles for TechRaptor until my life gets sufficiently busy again.  All tech writing, however, can make Jack quite the dullard, so I figured I would try my hand at this blog writing nonsense again, just to see how long it would take me to get bored of it again.
Some back story.
I started this blog ages ago, when the names Locus Horribilis merely sounded cool.  I have since migrated a lot.  Ultimately I crash landed on a place I not only hate, but a place wheremy profession of choice (English Teacher) does not earn enough to live decently.  I thus work two miserable jobs while aspiring towards better.
This blog might turn into a bitch fest about said jobs.
Alternatively, I could recount adventures from that period in my life where things were not so boring.  Or maybe a combination of the two.
Or I might continue to post tech news.  Preferably, with some commentary behind it.
Consider this, via HackRead:
Frankly, I’m not sure I get it.  I never really have.  Sure, I get having a grievance and wanting to post it… somewhere.  But why there of all places?  Does anyone really believe that constituents of Larimer Country CO, will be browsing their local sheriffs website, stumble upon that hack, and suddenly have their mind changed on determined political issues.  I am not terribly sure it works that way.
Maybe I am just getting old.

Last shameless link for today (I think)
The story makes me particularly happy.  Mostly it’s because thre a certain threshold of incompetence that generally merits our scorn, and Uber has crossed it.  With flying colors.  I have considered the possibility that someone inside Uber might have posted those security links with some kind of malicious intent, and I have already discarded that possibility.  Were that the case, Uber would be screaming it from the hilltops.  So far, radio silence.

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