Day 18

Days left until thesis Deadline: 132
Thesis Word Count: 2,979

It snowed a shit ton in the past two days. I have it up to my ears. It is good studying weather, but I can say I have done shit. Yesterday was mounds of fun (it was the woman’s birthday), and that combined with the wikipedia internet blackout made for a good day off. But I am falling behind , and leaving for Poland soon. Vacation in Poland, woo! But I actually dream of hourglasses when I sleep, hourglasses quickly depleting. So yea, the thesis is becoming a scary obsession.

The Poetics of Space was absolutely useless. So I can move on and focus and some other resources now.
I am also almost done reading a book by Roland Barthes, The Lover’s Discourse. Every other page references Goethe’s Werther, which I never bothered to read. Made me question what the point was.
Action shot of snow in the darkness.
And, back to work.

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