Day 16

Days left until thesis Deadline: 134
Thesis Word Count: 2,979
Today was a good and productive day, but it dawned on me that I need strategy. I think tomorrow I will leave the laptop at home and just bring books and a notebook with me to the library, read a whole bunch, take notes, and insert them into the thesis at a later point. A day reading, a day writing, a day reading, a day writing. Sounds like a solid plan.
I need to track down a copy of The SocioSemiotics of Place to complement my reading of The Social Construction of Reality. Really, I get to read some awesome books.
Which is actually a problem for me. I really do not know what the hell I am doing with this massive education I am getting, and at times I feel like I need to embrace it, while other times I feel like I need to let it go. Lately, I have been thinking about all the interesting things I could read and write about. I have what I think are some damn good ideas.
Also, I started some creative projects. One of my biggest problems with writing is that I can never sit down to do it. I am approaching this problem from to angles. I have started writing a piece of fiction where I simply write whenever I get inspired, and another that I am going to painstakingly plan and calculate. I want to see which one is better at the end of a given period. So far one has some 1000 words to it, and the other a whole lot of empty planning.
We shall see.
I took some action shots of the book I mentioned in yesterdays post.
UPDATE:Err…. forgot to mention. This
Was interesting, and a little disheartening.

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