Day 15

Jan 16th
Tartu Estonia.
Well, I wrote and submitted my last paper for this semester. So if all goes well, I will soon be done with semester. Of and I got a B on the back bad scary exam I took. Now to wait for the results to come in. Lets hope shit goes well.
Well, I know have no more excuses whatsoever, I really have to write this thesis. I havnt worked on it all, but I am going to start doing it. So, let’s plan.
First, let me tackle to books, E. Relph’s Place and Placelessness, which I have already read parts of and is really great. For instance “To be human is to live in a world that is filled with significant places: to be human is to have and know your place.”
Second Gaston Bachelard’s The Poetics of Space, which I suspect to be useless (my thesis topic does not deal with Space, but with Place, tow concepts which should not be confused).
And we shall see from there. I actually have a very long reading list, much of it will be boring.
Picture above has nothing to do with subject of this post.
Thesis Word Count: One-Four-Seven-Eight
Days left until thesis is due: 135

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