Day 13,

Jan 14th,
Tartu Estonia
So, I have had too many unproductive days in a row, but sometimes you just need it. Back to serious as of now. I really don’t see myself going out much more, or at least not for a while.
My good buddy opened a blog in homage to mine, and for some reason this stroked my competitiveness, so I need to up my blog game a little. Find it here
I live in Estonia, but that is not really what I mean by Locus Horribilis. I feel it refers more to the situation I live in. I am something of a tramp. Over the past years I have gotten up and moved somewhere just about every two years. There is a lot of uncertainty attached to this, but I like the life I live.
Soon I will move again, who knows where.
My life was for a long time dedicated to just about nothing but reading, which is pretty much how I ended up studying Semiotics in Estonia. Reading and writing remain my passions, though I do not often get as much practice at them as I should.
Today’s picture is from a random bar that tried a little too hard to be posh.
Thesis Word Count (1.478)

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