Los Angelos loves, love…

Hey! Soup came out well. Could have been better. I have decided I will make this again next month, and so on till I get it perfect, this time it was too spicy. This by the way, is chicken chocolate soup. And Yes I know it sounds disgusting, but it really isn’t bad.
Beyond that, it is 5a.m. (I am listening to Los Angelos) and I should be in bed.

Day 10,

Jan 11th,
Tartu Estonia

Well, the exam went suprisingly well, so good for me.
Now, I have only one more paper to write, of which about half of it is already done and I have a fairly good idea about that to write. So the semester that wouldn’t die is almost over, barring that something goes wrong and I have to redo some assignment. Let’s hope well. TOnight I will make some soup with a friend, and beyond that I am going to do nothing at all. Tomorrow, I start to work again.
Papers left to write: 1 (Semester must Die!)
Pages completed of my thesis: Just broke pg 1 ( about 1.478 words ) Havnt touched this in a while…

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