Day 5,

Jan 6th,

Tartu Estonia

I awoke this morning to find a few little gift from the Befana. My flatmates decided to make a simple dinner last night, and this somehow led to the systematic destruction of the kitchen. I sometimes admire their dedication to excess. Dinner for them can involve more ingredients then I bother to use in a week. The disgusting soup I posted about? I am still eating it. But not these two.

They made something that was Asian in denomination, so the house smelled like fermented fish heads when I woke up. Every cutting board was used and in the need of a cleaning. To wash this meal down, instead of buying a bottle of wine, they decided to make Bloody Mary. From scratch. So they boiled tomatoes, beets, and Garlic. That too, at some point should be cleaned. Well, I was looking for an excuse to eat out.

To boot, there was also some dude on the couch.

I swear to God, tonight I will go out.

Papers left to write: 2

Exams: 1

Homework assignments left to turn in: 0 (I think)

Pages completed of my thesis: Just broke pg 1 ( about 1.478 words )

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