Day 2,

Jan 3rd,

Tartu Estonia

I spent most of today writing about Giovanni Battista Piranesi (by a very painful stretch of logic, Piranesi is responsible for the title of this blog), which was actually rather wonderful, thought it took much longer than I was hoping. It was painful in this respect; I have been closed in this library for about 6 hours now, and the landscape here is rather drab. I was looking for something interesting to take a picture of. So I finished writing my paper and then looked for something interesting to photograph. The results are above. It isn’t much, but what can you expect from a library. Sad things is, I don’t see myself going anywhere for the next few days.

As of this writing;

Papers left to write: 2

Exams: 1

Homework assignments left to turn in: 4 (I think)

Pages completed of my thesis: Just broke pg 2 (about 1.176 words)

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