Introduction to a Hobby

Day 1,

Jan 2nd,

Tartu Estonia

I am sitting at the left most end desk in a library that is rather packed with people. I have open next to me Don Delillo’s White Noise to take some notes for what I hope will be a useful/interesting paragraph of my thesis…

These does not seem to be much of an escape.

It’s 4:40 pm, and outside has already come to a full nocturnal darkness, broken only by light reflected off snow. 24 hours ago I was complaining about the fact that it was chilly in Rome, if only I knew then where I would be now…

I live in Tartu, Estonia, a small and comfortable little university town in the Baltics. I am studying for my Master’s in Semiotics, and have at this point just about completed my coursework, leaving just my thesis or so to work on over the next 5 months. If I am going to stay sane, I am going to need a hobby. So why not blog it up? Talking to a friend over the holidays, I came with the idea of taking a picture a day. So here I go.

Had I waited a few seconds to take the above picture, it would have been much different, as a girl with hair dyed to that color between metalic red and electric pink has sat in front of me. The 6 cm between her roots and where the color begins is a classic light brown., but the whole thing looks awful. Add to this earings that feature an Andy Warhol of John Lennon and it becomes hard not to look, though I cant tell if it is for reasons good or bad. Meh.

As of this writing;

Papers left to write: 3

Exams: 1

Homework assignments left to turn in: 4 (I think)

Pages completed of my thesis: Just broke pg 1 (about 635 words)

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